St. Theodore is the music project of Dan Heroy. The debut album from St. Theodore titled Sounds Of A Burning Heart  was released in July of 2013. The most popular track from the album was the song Gonna Get Better. Gonna Get Better found online success in the form of being used in many YouTube videos created by YouTube users. In 2015 it was re-mixed and re-mastered and released along with a music video as a single. 

St. Theodore's music is a blend of styles and influences that come together to create a sound that is truly unique. The core sound is rooted in Electronic Indie Pop. However, these genres and labels are routinely stretched and manipulated to create each song. The overall attitude and position of St. Theodore is positive and hopeful. A trademark of the music is to incorporate many hooks throughout the songs. Both in the studio and live, the music is comprised of synthesizers, dynamic drum programming, acoustic and electric guitars, and catchy vocal lines, that create the dynamic sounds of St. Theodore.

All of the music and lyrics are written by Heroy for St. Theodore, as he is the only official member of the band. Currently Heroy records in his home studio. The live band for St. Theodore consists of Heroy and drummer Zach Wilkinson. Wilkinson was added to the live band in July 2013 to add a more dynamic feel to the live performances. Heroy currently lives in Nashua, New Hampshire.

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Photo Credits: Nathan Aplanalp / Glenn Silva